Jesse Garnier

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25 Nov: A Rocky Path to Self-Discovery

Most people aren’t brought up with self-development as a fundamental part of their upbringing. Especially if you are a boy living in a blue collar community. Yet some of our most inspirational thought leaders, like Tony Robbins, were raised in difficult to even dire circumstances. Tony often credits the periods in his own childhood when his family was poor, hungry, and couldn’t afford a holiday meal with his desire to feed 1 million families through his Feeding America initiative. Author and inspirational speaker Louise Hay has recounted the story of growing up poor with her mother and being physically abused by her violent stepfather as well as dropping out of high school as a pregnant teen, giving her baby up for adoption, and later being diagnosed with incurable cervical cancer and more before going on to found Hay House, the world renowned publishing house that has launched the careers many household names in self-development, mindfulness and positive spirituality.


25 Nov: Jesse J Garnier

Jesse J Garnier is a Canadian Entrepreneur and Marketing Specialist based in Alberta​. A former blue collar worker, Jesse found his way into network marketing when his jobs were not paying the bills for him and his family. To date, Jesse has over 650 people in his network and has generated millions of dollars in sales to his customers.

Garnier was born and raised in Hinton​ and graduated from Harry Collinge High School​ in 2008. Growing up, he noticed a clear dichotomy between his father’s and step-father’s views on earning an income. Garnier’s father had a steady, safe job with a salary and benefits while his step-father was an entrepreneur in the oil and gas industry.