Ex-Oil Patch Worker Turned Million Dollar Online Entrepreneur.

“What if one message could change your life?”

Let me tell you how I completely changed my life by starting my own online business. 

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I started working full-time when I was 16-years-old, first for my father’s trucking business, water well drilling, auto-body repair, trucking dispatch and various other jobs. I found himself working for a water well-drilling company, me and my partner were going to buy his boss out. At the last minute, the boss doubled the asking price, making the deal go south. He soon left the well-drilling company for good.

I went on to take a position in upper management at a trucking company. Although there was a pay cut from my previous job, I took it anyway because of promised bonuses. Those promises were never met and in 2014 I took another 10% pay cut when the economy turned, forcing me to do more work than ever for less pay, making it hard to find work/life balance with my young family.

I started to look for new opportunities and stumbled upon a Facebook ad of someone who was in a similar position than him but had found success in network marketing. I have always been a blue collar worker and the internet was the last place I expected to find a career. With little options left, I decided to take a look at the opportunity in front of me.  What did I have to lose?

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Within two and a half months into it, I recognized the huge potential for growth in affiliate marketing. In June of 2016, I quit my low-paying dispatch job to pursue his new marketing career full-time. I considered that decision to be the point of no return.

Since starting, I have earned $1,000,000 in commissions, $4.5 million in sales, and my biggest single month in commissions was $91,700. I have built a team of over 650 people that I train on a daily basis and teach them how to build an online business out of my new office space in Edmonton, Alberta.

I place a huge emphasis on self-development and I find it vital for one to be not only successful but fulfilled. I have invested over $100,000 in self-development training and courses alone in 2017.

How could you do it yourself?

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